Transfer a call in Cisco Jabber


In this article, customers will learn how to transfer calls within Cisco Jabber.


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What materials do I need?

  • Windows or macOS computer
  • Cisco Jabber
  • Internet connection


How do I use this technology?

  1. During a call, click on the More call options button.

    More call options button
  2. Click on Transfer.

    Transfer button
  3. Type the phone number.
    • If it's a UAA number (starts with 786), you can enter the last 5 digits (for example, our number, 786-4646, can be entered as 64646).
    • If it's not a UAA number, enter '81' first then the whole number.

      Enter the phone number to transfer to
  4. Click the Call button to begin the transfer.

    Call button
  5. To complete the transfer, you can either:
    • Stay until the new caller picks up the call.
      1. Once they pick up, the other caller will be put on hold and you will be able to talk to the new caller.  
      2. When the new caller is ready, click the Transfer button and the call will be transferred to them.
    • Click the Transfer button to complete the transfer.
      Complete the transfer
  6. If you need to cancel the transfer, click the End call button.

    End call button
  7. Click the Resume button to return to the original caller.

    Resume button


Need additional help or have issues

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