Withdraw a Ticket in the Service Portal


If you no longer need work done on an open ticket, you can send a comment to the individual assigned to the ticket to cancel the requested work.

How do I use this technology?

  1. Navigate to the ESM Service Portal at https://service.alaska.edu/TDClient/
  2. When prompted, login with your UA Identity.
  3. At the top of the page click Services.
  4. On the sub-menu that appears, click Ticket Requests.
  5. Click the name of the ticket you would like to withdraw.
  6. Click the Comment button
    1. Click the Notify field to display a list of people and/or groups associated with the ticket.
    2. Click group listed as (Responsible Group).
    3. Enter the reason for requesting the ticket to be withdrawn/canceled.
  7. Click Save.

Need additional help or have issues

For support, requests may be submitted anytime using the appropriate Service form. Requests generate a Ticket which will be worked in order received and urgency by UAA Employees with the knowledge and permissions to assist with the request.

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