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Applications Supported
Amazon Connect by Amazon Web Services

AWS Connect is a cloud-based service that allows you to create and manage a contact center for your customers. You can use AWS Connect to provide omni-channel communication, such as voice and chat, and integrate it with other AWS services and enterprise applications. You can also use AI-powered features to enhance your customer experience, such as generative assistants, analytics, and optimization. AWS Connect is easy to set up, scalable, and cost-effective.

Eligible Peoples

  • Staff


  • Computer Running Windows 10
  • Up to Date Compatible Web browser
  • Headset with microphone that is connected to the computer (for answering calls)


The standard service is paid for by UAA IT Services and provided to departments at no cost. If departments want advanced services cost will be determined and agreed upon as part of implementation of that feature.


Service is available 24 hours per day. Exceptions include: scheduled maintenance and unplanned outages

Supported By

This service is supported by UAA IT Services. Requests for support may be submitted anytime via the Request Support button on the right side of this page. Requests generate a Ticket which will be worked in order received and urgency by the IT Employees with the knowledge and permissions to assist with the request. For immediate support please contact the UAA IT Technical Support Center.

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