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MyResNet is the Residential wireless network for students and guests living in campus housing. While UAA Information Technology doesn't support MyResnet, this information is helpful to those who use MyResNet.

MyReNet is provided by Apogee under contract with Residence Life and Campus Services. Support for MyResNet is provided by Apogee and Residence Life.

What materials do I need?

  • A device with a wireless connection

How do I use this technology?

  1. From a PC or Mac: When connecting for the first time, go to your wireless settings and connect to MyResNet Start Here. This wifi will automatically take you to the online portal ( where you can sign in.
    Mobile: Download the Apogee ResNet app from the App store via the QR code in the attached file.
  2. Create Account: You can do this through the app or the portal.
    1. Sign in using your UA credentials and create an account.
    2. Once your account has been created, sign back in and click on show wifi password under the Add Devices tab. You can change your wifi password here to something unique.
    3. You will use this wifi password to connect your devices to the network.
  3. Connect to the Network
    1. Navigate to the wireless settings on each device.
    2. Connect to MyResNet-5G (if your device is not compatible with 5G, connect to MyResNet2G).
    3. Enter your wifi password when prompted to connect.
    4. Enable the auto-join feature.

Helpful Tips

  1. MyResNet-5G: Connect to MyResNet-5G for the fastest wifi connection. This should be your default setting.
  2. MyResNet2G: Only use this network on devices that are not compatible with 5G.
  3. MyResNet Start Here: Forget this network once you have created your account.

Attached Documentation

Please see the attached Apogee How To Connect Document.pdf (in the Files section of this article) for the QR code and the instructions provided by Apogee.

Need additional help or have issues

If you need any help, a support representative is available 24 hours a day to assist you.

  • Call support at (866) 264-2837
  • Email:
  • Chat live:
  • Receive support directly from your Apogee app.

If you need to access your account at any time, visit and sign in.

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