Create Survey Response Report


The Enterprise Service Management (ESM) system allows for building reports from survey responses. These reports can be created through the AnalysisProjects, or Ticketing applications. These reports can only be accessed by individuals with the appropriate application, and the Access All Surveys permissions.

When creating Survey reports, if there are no survey responses at the time the report is created it will be difficult to verify that the report is retrieving and display the desired information.

What materials do I need?

  • ESM TDNext access
  • Access to appropriate Ticketing, or Project application

How do I use this technology?

There are many possible ways of creating reports from survey results depending upon the type, and number of questions asked. The example below is based upon creating a "Customer Satisfaction Year to Date (YTD)" report.

  1. Login to ESM.
  2. In TDNext, click the Applications menu and select the desired Ticketing Application.
  3. Click the + Report button.

    ESM Ticketing App Report Menu Button Highlighted
  4. Click Report option.

    ESM Ticketing App Report Menu Report button highlighted
  5. Click Survey Response Report.

    ESM Ticketing App List of Available Reports With Survey Response Report option highlighted
  6. In the Name field enter a short descriptive name for the report (e.g. Customer Satisfaction YTD).

    ESM Ticketing App New Survey Response Report Name Field Example
  7. In the Describe your report text area field, enter a description of your report.

    ESM Ticketing App New Survey Response Description field example
  8. Under the Select the columns you would like to see section, addchange, or remove the fields you desire to see on the report.

    ESM Ticketing App New Survey Response Report Select Columns section

    For our "Customer Satisfaction YTD" report you'll select the following fields
    • SupportSatisfaction
    • Response Count
  9. Under the Add filtering to your report section, set filters according to the desired preference.

    ESM Ticketing App New Survey Response Report Add Filtering to Report

    For our "Customer Satisfaction YTD" report you'll set the following filters:
    • Survey is one of 'Customer Satisfaction'
    • Survey Completed with an operator of year to date

    ESM Ticketing App New Response Report Filter example
  10. Under the Order your report section, set fields to sort the report by as well as the sort direction (i.e. ascending, or descending).
    For some reports it may not be necessary to set a sort order.


    ESM Ticketing App New Survey Report Order report example
  11. In the Set the maximum number of rows to retrieve field enter an appropriate number of results to retrieve based upon the nature of the report.

    ESM Ticketing App New Survey Report Set Maximum Number of Rows to Retrieve example
  12. Under the Chose a report folder section, select an appropriate folder to save the report in (e.g. 'Survey Response Reports).
  13. Under the Set the visibility of this report section.

    ESM Ticketing App New Survey Report Set Visibility of this Report example
    1. Select an appropriate permission set.
    2. Decide if the report should be visible, or not, in the TDNext navigation menu. If not, select the Do not show this report in the navigator (desktop module only) option.
  14. Optional, for a graphical representation of response data you can Add a Chart.

    ESM Ticketing App New Survey Response Add a chart drop-down menu
    1. In the Type dropdown menu select Pie.
    2. In the Name field select SupportSatisfaction.
    3. In the Value field select Response Count.
  15. Under Desktop delivery, select Chart.

    ESM Ticketing App New Survey Response Report Desktop Delivery Chart show chart selected
  16. Click Save on the newly created report.


When you run the report, you will end up with something like the following. Each section of the pie chart can be clicked on for detailed information on the survey responses.

ESM Ticketing App New Response Survey Example


Is there any additional information I should know about?

Consider putting this report on a leadership desktop, or setting up a weekly email delivery to your customer service manager. Building a leadership desktop that combines a multitude of reports can be an effective means of keeping tabs on customer satisfaction.

Follow-up calls should take place for responses that are classified as "Somewhat Dissatisfied" or "Very Dissatisfied." Use the result of the feedback to determine improvement over time.

Need additional help or have issues

For support, requests may be submitted anytime using the appropriate Enterprise Service Management form. Requests generate a Ticket which will be worked in order received and urgency by IT Employees with the knowledge and permissions to assist with the request.

For immediate assistance please review the Contact Us page for the appropriate support group.


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