Articles associated with the Enterprise Service Management system.

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Asset/CI Management

Articles associated with Asset/Configuration Item Management practices, tips, and ticks.

ESM App Admin

Articles associated with Enterprise Service Management Application Administration (App Admin) best practices, tips, and tricks.

ESM People

Articles associated with Enterprise Service Managment People and Contacts.

ESM Surveys

Articles associated with Enterprise Service Management customer survey practices, and tips.

Knowledge Management

Articles associated with Knowledge Management process, procedures, best practices, and tips and tricks.

Reports & Desktops

Use pre-built reports, create custom reports and saved searches, and build desktops.

Ticket Management

Articles associated with Ticket Management practices, tips and tricks.


Articles associated with how to use Workflows within the Enterprise Service Management ticket system.

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Enterprise Service Management Glossary of Terms

The University of Alaska Enterprise Service Management (ESM) system uses a variety of terms throughout its interface. This article list those terms and definitions for reference.