Articles associated with Enterprise Service Management Application Administration (App Admin) best practices, tips, and tricks.

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Email Monitors

Articles related to email monitors within the UA Enterprise Service Management system.

Forms and Attributes

Articles about working with Ticketing application request forms and custom attributes.


Articles related to email notifications into or coming out of the UA Enterprise Service Management system.

Ticket Types

Articles about working with and configuring Ticket Types in Ticketing applications.


Articles associated with how-to create Enterprise Service Management Workflows to automate/enhance processes.

Additional Settings

Other ticketing application settings that may need to be configured or can be configured or, added to, if desired.

Articles (9)

Pinned Article Get Started with ESM Application Administration

Introductory information for departmental Application Administrators authorized and responsible for the maintenance, management, and overall operation of their department's Enterprise Service Management (ESM) ticketing application.

Access Ticket Application Administrative Interface

Step by step instructions on how to access the Admin interface (aka TDAdmin) of a Ticketing application. This is applicable for those who are Application Administrators of a Ticketing application.

Automated Ticketing Processes that Run in the Background

Information on the Enterprise Service Management (ESM) systems automated background processes and the specific time intervals that each process operates within.

Create a Scheduled Ticket

This article outlines how routine, reoccurring work can be managed by having tickets automatically created on a specified cycle.

Create a Ticket Template

An introduction for App Admins on how to create a ticket template within the Enterprise Service Management (ESM) system.

Create or Edit Ticket Status

Guide for ESM App Admins to help create custom ticket statuses to support their departmental business practices.

Enterprise Service Management Status

Information related to common Enterprise Service Management (ESM) ticket statuses.

Modify a Scheduled Ticket

This article outlines how modify scheduled tickets for managing routine, reoccurring work on a specified cycle.

Overview of Enterprise Service Management Environments

Explains the differences between the different Enterprise Service Management (ESM) environments (i.e. Production vs. Sandbox vs. Release Preview).