Automated Ticketing Processes that Run in the Background


The Enterprise Service Management (ESM) system runs various automated processes that act behind the scenes to address, modify, or send items that are queued up in their processing queue. There are three high-level time intervals, and each one addresses different automated actions.

It should be noted that none of these are likely to be executed exactly on the interval because as it runs, it gathers all of those items for the entire system, and then runs them in serial (not parallel). This can cause some delayed behavior.

5 Minute Intervals

This interval covers Scheduled Events, Specifically, this would be workflow timer steps, workflow web services steps, workflow iPaaS steps, and ticket Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

15 Minute Intervals

This interval covers:

  • Evaluating when to bring Tickets Off Hold
  • Ticket Survey Sending
  • Scheduled Tickets creation
  • Project Health Updates (not ticketing, but operates by the same processor as everything else in this section)
  • Scheduled Report Emails (includes ticket reports, but other report types can be configured with scheduled report deliveries)
  • Item Alerts (Specifically the options that are accessible from a ticket or other item's Alerts like the [Notify Me When Item Is Complete] alert)
  • Source Control integration event processing (wires up commits from source integrations to item Code tabs)
  • Tickets Auto Closures

For the 15 minute interval runs, which do a lot, it processes items in the order listed, in serial. Meaning all the off hold tickets process in a line, when those are done, ticket surveys get handled in a line, and so on until every item in the above list has been addressed for that particular processing interval.

120 Minute Intervals

This interval covers ticket metric calculation.

This process runs every 2 hours just to see if it is time to run a new metric calculation, but the actual calculations only takes place once a day around 2:30 AM ET. For an Onprem/installed client, it would recalculate at around 2:30 AM local time.

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