Articles associated with Ticket Management practices, tips and tricks.

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Ticket Transfer

Information and articles relating to moving/transferring tickets between different ESM ticketing applications.

Time and Expense

Information relating to entering time, and expense information on ESM tickets, submit reports, and review, approve, or reject reports.

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Add People to Ticket

People can be added to the ticket at any time. People may be added as alternative contacts, to request approval, or to be kept informed of ticket progress. Once a person is added to a ticket, they can be notified of progress on a ticket, or task when adding a comment, or updating a ticket.

Attachments in Enterprise Service Management

Outlines the usage of attachments within the UA Enterprise Service Management (ESM) system.

Enterprise Service Management (ESM) Ticket Classification

Provides an overview of the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) definitions of classification types, provides sample use cases, and provides additional notes regarding how these classifications are used within Enterprise Service Management (ESM).

Reassign a Ticket

Information on how to reassign the person responsible for working on a ticket from one person to another person.

Reassign a Ticket Task

Information on how to reassign the person, or group responsible for working on a ticket task from one to another.

Search for Tickets in Ticketing Application

This introductory article will help individuals with access to an Enterprise Service Managment (ESM) ticketing application (TDNext) to search for tickets.

Ticket "On Hold" Status

Information on how to place a ticket "on hold" during periods of time when no work can be accomplished.

Update a Ticket

Information on how to update a ticket, and optionally notify the customer, and/or other contacts that may be interested in the progress of the ticket.

Use TeamDynamix with Microsoft Teams

Information on how to use the TDX messaging extension to collaborate with coworkers via Microsoft Teams on Enterprise Service Management (ESM) tickets, KB articles, Assets and more.