Add People to Ticket


People can be added to the ticket at any time. People may be added as alternative contacts, to request approval, or to be kept informed of ticket progress. Once a person is added to a ticket, they can be notified of progress on a ticket, or task through adding a comment.


  • Web Browser
  • TDNext license

Add People to a Ticket

  1. Open the desired ticket.
  2. In the tab list, Select People.

    Ticket with Add People Call Out

  3. Enter Name or Username and Select Add.

    Type Name and Select Add

  4. Confirm the person was added

    Confirm User Added

Additional Information

Managing tickets after the initial creation has many means of doing so. Further instructional guides are available below.

Need additional help or have issues

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For immediate assistance please review the Contact Us page for ways to contact the appropriate support group.

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