Map a UAA Shared Drive on Windows


Individuals can connect to a shared drive associated with their department or their UA account.


What materials do I need?

  • Windows computer
  • Permissions to access the shared drive(s)
  • Shared drive address
  • Connection to the on-campus UAA network


How do I use this technology?

  1. Confirm the device is connected to the on-campus UAA network or through UAA GlobalProtect VPN if off-campus.
  2. Navigate to File Explorer.

File Explorer icon on the task bar


  1. On the left panel of the File Explorer, right-click the computer icon.
    1. It will either say:
      • My Computer
      • This PC
      • Device Name
      • UAA device names start with "ANC"

Left panel of the File Explorer

  1. Click Map network drive...
    "Map network drive..." on the menu
  2. Choose any vacant letter drive under Drive.

Selecting which vacant drive to use to map a network drive


  1. Type the path of the shared drive or copy and paste the path under Folder.
    • UAA network share drives typically start with \\\share-drive-name

Typing in the path of the share drive to map a network drive


  1. Confirm Reconnect at sign-in is checked.
    Check "reconnect at sign-in" to map a network drive
  2. Click Finish.
  3. A new window might appear asking to log in.
    1. Enter your UA username and password.
    2. Click OK.
  4. The shared drive should now appear under the computer icon in File Explorer.


Need additional help or have issues

For support, requests may be submitted anytime using the appropriate Enterprise File Storage form. Requests generate a Ticket which will be worked in order received and urgency by IT Employees with the knowledge and permissions to assist with the request.

For immediate assistance please review the Contact IT page for the appropriate support group.


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