MobilePrint FAQ

  1. Who can use UAA MobilePrint?
    All UA Students, Staff, and Faculty can print using UA MobilePrint. Guests and other individuals not affiliated with the University of Alaska may print only within the Consortium Library.
  2. What networks can I print from?

    You can print jobs via email, the online Print Center and the Pharos Print app for iOS and Android from anywhere you have Internet connectivity.

    You can use the Mac and Windows client to print from most wired connections on the UAA network. You can also print from the UAA WiFi - Anchorage, and the equivalent for each respective community campus, wireless network. You cannot print from the following networks:

    • UAA WiFi - Public
    • UAA-ResidentsWifi
    • Non-University of Alaska networks such as GCI cable modems, ACS, MTA Solutions, etc.
  3. Is there a way that I can print if I'm not on an allowed University network?

    Yes. You can send print jobs via email, the online Print Center, and the Pharos Print app for iOS and Android from anywhere you have Internet Connectivity.

    You can also download and install UAA's Cisco Virtual Private Network (VPN) software from Once the software is downloaded and installed launch it and login with your UA Username and password. You will be able to print to the MobilePrint queues as if you were on the UAA network. For details on how to use the Cisco AnyConnect client, please visit our KB article on the topic.

  4. What locations do not support MobilePrint?

    Currently all Managed Print locations support MobilePrint. A list of locations can be found on the Managed Print service support page.

    The following devices support MobilePrint via the traditional Mac and Windows native printing (option 3) only:

    • Consortium Library
      • anc-lib103-bw1
      • anc-lib103-clr1
      • anc-lib201-bw1
    • Alvin S. Okeson Library
      • msc-olb115-bw1
      • msc-olb115-clr1

    Unless otherwise listed above all other locations support all available MobilePrint options.

  5. When I login to the Print Center, why am I unable to see a print preview of my file?

    The print preview feature is only available when files are submitted either via email, uploaded through the Print Center, or the Pharos Print app on iOS and Android. If you submit your print job from a Mac or Windows using the traditional print command, you will not be able to preview the file in the Print Center.

  6. When I login to the Print Center, why am I unable to change the print options on my file?

    You are only able to change print options for files that are submitted either via email, uploaded through the Print Center, or the Pharos Print app on iOS and Android. If you submitted your print job from a Mac or Windows workstation using the traditional print command, you will not be able to adjust the print options for the file in the Print Center. If you want to make any changes to the print options, you will need to use the computer's print dialog window to make the desired change before clicking the print button.

  7. When attempting to select a printer in the Print Center, why do some printers say the selected jobs incompatible?

    Within the Managed Print systems all printers are assigned to one or more print groups. This allows devices to be associated with other compatible devices related to printer drivers. In most cases, devices are assigned to geographically defined groups based on physical campus location. If you are unable to select the printer you desire, please try one of the following options:

    • Submit your file through email or upload it through the online Print Center
    • Submit your file to the MobilePrint queue for the location you want to print at (e.g. uaa-anc_bw, uaa-er_bw, uaa-msc_bw, etc.)
  8. What operating systems are supported?

    The following systems are supported:

    • Windows 10 1903 to 20H2
    • macOS 10.12.5 or greater
  9. Why do I receive an error when attempting to install the MobilePrint software on my Mac running macOS 10.8 or later?

    macOS Error Message: "UAA MobilePrint.mpkg" can't be opened because it is from an unidentified developer. Your security preferences allow installation of only apps from the Mac App Store and identified developers.

    Gatekeeper is a new feature for macOS 10.8 Mountain Lion where only applications that are from the Mac App Store or recognized developers can be installed with the default security settings.

    The latest versions of UAA's MobliePrint package have been signed and should no longer generate this notification message; however, if you still run into this issue it can be bypassed by opening the UAA MobilePrint package with a right-click or a control click and selecting "Open". This will call a Mac dialogue box confirming your choice to open the package, even though it is not from an Apple Identified Developer. You should then be able to continue the installation normally.

  10. Why do I receive an error when attempting to install the MobilePrint software on my Mac running macOS 10.11?

    Apple introduced a new form of protection for system locations (SIP) in this release that can prevent the Popup Client from installing. This is due to a supporting file called pharos.convs that can only be written to a system location at this time. Apple has added an exception to allow the installer to bypass SIP for this particular file. The exception is not part of the base OS install, but is retrieved from an Apple network service. Machines that have automatic updates disabled may also not update the exception list.

    Most machines operated by individuals should have had a chance to retrieve the list of SIP exceptions before an attempt to install the Popup Client. For machines being imaged automatically, the following commands can be used to force an update of the exception list:

    sudo softwareupdate --schedule on
    sudo softwareupdate --background-critical

    The first command enables automatic background updates, if necessary. The second forces an update of critical system protection data, including the exclusion list for SIP. Note that this is currently an undocumented parameter for the softwareupdate tool. The best way to configure a single system is to make sure both the 'Automatically check for updates' and 'Install system data files and security updates' boxes are checked in the App Store pane of the System Preferences application.

  11. How long will my print job stay in the print queue?

    Print jobs will remain in the print queue for 120 minutes (2 hours) after which they will be automatically deleted.

  12. The mobile client is failing to install with an error what is causing this?

    Some Antivirus and security software can cause problems when attempting to install the MobilePrint client. It may be necessary to temporarily disable this software to successfully install the mobile printing clients. Please see your product help guide for details on how to do this. Remember to re-enable your security software when completed.

  13. I have a firewall configured on my laptop is there anything I need to do?

    If a firewall is present between the laptop and the UAA Managed Print Servers, the following ports must be opened for traffic for Mobile Printing to work properly:

    • TCP Port 515
    • TCP Port 28203

    Note: no adjustments should be necessary to send print jobs via email, the online Print Center, or using the Pharos Print app for iOS and Android.

  14. Why do I have to download a separate package on Windows for each type of printing that I wish to use?

    In order to keep the size of the packages small, each installer only contains the drivers needed for that specific type of printing and operating system.

  15. Do I need to download the driver each time I want to print?

    No, as long as the package has not been uninstalled. You should only have to download the package the first time you print to each printer.

  16. How do I release a print job from the Release Station?

    Login to the release station using your University Username (same as the username you use for your University email) and password, then swipe your UA ID card, or Copy/Print card.

  17. I sent my print job to the printer, but it is not appearing at the Release Station. What's wrong?

    There are a few things you will want to verify:

    1. Verify that it has not been more than 2 hours since sending your print job to the printer. Remember, print jobs only stay in the print queue for 120 minutes.
    2. Verify that your computer has finished sending the job to the print queue.
  18. What gets installed as part of the printer package?

    A program called Pharos Popup is installed to provided a dialog window that allows patrons to enter their University Username and password on workstations not connected to UA's Active Directory system. Additionally a printer is created with the appropriate settings for printing to either the Black & White, or Color printers depending on which option was selected. In cases where both packages are installed the Pharos Popup client is only installed once; however, two separate printers will be created.

  19. I use Fast User Switching with my Mac and the popup client doesn't work.

    The Popup client utilized by MobilePrint is not currently compatible with the Fast User Switching feature of Mac OS X. For best results always disable Fast User Switching when installing MobilePrint on a workstation.

           Need additional help or have issues?

    For additional assistance contact your campus IT Support group:

    • Anchorage: IT Services Technical Support Center at 786-4646 opt. 1, toll-free at (877) 633-3888, or email to
    • Kenai River Campus: KPC IT Help Desk at 262-0351, or email to
    • Mat-Su College: Campus Technology Services at 745-9764, or email to       


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