Use Curated Content to Create an Article


Creating a new knowledge base article may involve writing something completely from scratch or curating an existing resource. If there is an existing resource, there is no need to recreate the content. Instead, create an article that provides a description, including context for the resource, and link(s) to the content.

Curating Content

Search for existing content

Before you create a new article, search a vendor's website for articles to see if there are any existing resources that could fill the need. For example, a vendor may have step-by-step instructions or videos that can be leveraged.

If you find resources that are accurate in general but not specific to the University, you can link to them but provide the necessary information that will allow University customers to adapt the instructions. You can always link to a resource within the body of a longer article.

Curate the Content in a KB Article

If you find resources that serve your purpose, create an article that describes and links to the resource.

  1. Create a Knowledge Article following standard practices.
  2. Provide context for the resource link in the body of the article.
    • If needed, provide the information University customers will need to adapt instructions.
  3. Link to the resource instead of copying the information from the resource. 


Article Subject: Microsoft Teams Known Issues

There are a number of known issues and errors with Microsoft Teams. They fall into several categories:

  • Update
  • User interface
  • Hardware
  • Limitations and expected behaviors

Microsoft has a support page dedicated to Known issues with Microsoft Teams.

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