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If you have permissions to author Knowledge Base articles below are the specific steps for doing so. Please be aware of the other knowledge management articles covering content, style, and other guidelines to help insure consistency and utility.

Before you create any article, be sure to Search for Duplicate Knowledge, and determine if you can Use Curated Content to Create an Article. Taking a few moments to avoid redundant content can save a lot of wasted effort.


Creating a New Knowledge Base Article

  1. Open a web browser and go to
  2. In the upper right corner of the web page click Sign In.
  3. Login with your UA Email address (e.g., and password.
  4. In the Knowledge Base navigate to the applicable Category and Sub-Category that represents the primary topic for the article (e.g. Communications & Collaboration -> Mailing List).
  5. Click the +New Article button.
  6. The Category field will automatically be filled in with the name of the Category that was being viewed when the New Article button was clicked.
    • All knowledge articles should have a category.
    • The article's category should align with the primary category, use shortcuts to cross-reference
  7. Leave the Order field alone.
  8. In most cases leave the Pin Article checkbox unchecked.
  9. In the Subject field enter the article name. See Knowledge Article Title Strategies.
  10. Select the appropriate Template. See Knowledge Article Style Guidelines.
  11. In the Summary field write a brief summation of the article. This is typically one, or two sentences.
  12. In the Tags field enter as many tags as relevant to article.
    • Tags allow customers to search for the article by keywords
    • Tags increases discoverability
    • Tags should reference the technology referred to in the article
  13. Set the Status to Not Submitted.
    • All articles must be reviewed by a technical expert before they can be submitted for approval.
  14. Click Save.
  15. After the page refreshes click +Edit Article
  16. In the Body field write the article.
    • Periodically during the writing process click the Save as Draft button.
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