Asset Status Definition


Within the Enterprise Service Management (ESM) system assets can have differing statuses. The available statuses are documented below.


Asset Status

The following statuses are available to all types of assets stored within the ESM Assets/CIs system.

Asset Status Definition
Status Description Retired
On-Order An asset that has been ordered, but not yet arrived. No
On-hand Inventory An asset currently in inventory, but has not been assigned to a specific department or individual. No
In Use An asset currently in use by one or more individuals and/or departments. This includes equipment that has been checked-out/loaned to individuals. No
Retired/Pending Disposal An asset retired from use, and pending proper disposal processes. No
Surplused An asset that has been sent to University surplus. No
Return Merchandise Authorization An asset that has been returned to the vendor/manufacture, usually as part of warranty service, and has been replaced with a similar asset that has a different serial number from the original asset. Yes
Retired An asset that is no longer in service anywhere within the University of Alaska system, including begin stored within any UA surplus warehouse(es). The asset has been recycled, scrapped, or otherwise disposed of in accordance with UA property regulations. Yes



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