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What is this article about?

Why use a managed print system instead of a simple printing system/policy? Costs related to printing have escalated over the last few years as more electronic resources are becoming available through UAA Online, the Consortium Libraries electronic resources, book publisher's websites, and other sources. To bring balance back into the system by promoting responsible printing and to conserve resources by controlling abuse, waste, and rising costs, Information Technology Services has implemented the user-friendly Managed Print service as a cost recovery system.

How do I use this technology?

Printing Locations & Types

If you want to print in one of the following locations you must have a WOLFcard or a Consortium Library copy card. You will use this to release your print job after you have submitted it to the printer.

You can purchase a Copy Card in Consortium Library at the self-service card machine located in the Copy Room on the first floor.

There are two general types of printing available on the Managed Print service these are black & white, and color. Within these two types printing is further broken down between paper formats. The two paper formats currently supported by the service is letter (8.5"x11") and tabloid (11"x17"). The following list breaks down which locations support which type and format.

Please see the Managed Print Locations article for a list of all supported locations.

How does Managed Print work?

Detailed directions are available at the print release station located in each facility.

Use the normal print commands on your Windows or Mac computer. Some locations will offer color laser printing, if you would like a color print, select the color printer from your application's print menu. If the printer(s) supports Duplex printing, this will be used as default setting.

When you are ready to pick up your print job:

  • Go to a print release station, and if prompted, login with your UA Username.
  • Swipe your WOLFcard, or your UAA Copy/Print Card through the slot on the print release station keyboard. A list of documents you have sent to be printed will be shown. Select the document you want to print, review the estimated cost to print it, and click on "Print".

Your job will be deleted from the print queue if you do not release it within two (2) hours of submitting it.

You must release your print job at the site that you submitted it. For example, if you submitted a print job in Student Union Open Computer Lab, you must print it there -- you will not be able to print it in Consortium Library.

How much does it cost?

UAA Students attending classes at the Anchorage, Chugiak/Eagle River, Elmendorf, and Ft. Richardson campus' that have paid the UAA Technology Fee will start the semester with a credit of $15.00 in their Managed Print accounts. This is a non-accumulating credit.

Printing costs are:

  • Simplex (single-sided) Black & White Laser prints: $0.13 ea.
  • Duplex (double-sided) Black & White Laser prints: $0.14 ea.
  • Simplex 11"x17" Black & White Laser prints: $0.15 ea.
  • Duplex 11"x17" Black & White Laser prints: $0.18 ea.
  • Simplex 8.5"x11" Color Laser prints: $0.21 ea.
  • Duplex 8.5"x11" Color Laser prints: $0.32 ea.
  • Simplex 11"x17" Color Laser prints: $0.33 ea.
  • Duplex 11"x17" Color Laser prints: $0.54 ea.

For locations that support Multifunction Printers, other additional service costs are:

  • Scan to USB: $0.01

Paying for Sheets Over the initial Credit

If you use your WOLFcard to release print jobs that have an associated charge, you must have a balance of WOLFbucks sufficient to cover the print job. You automatically have a WOLFbucks account if you have a WOLFcard, but you must deposit funds to activate it. Please note that Dining Dollars are not usable for printing costs.

You may add funds using the self-service Value Transfer Stations located at the following locations:

  • Commons Lobby
  • Consortium Library (LIB) - in the copy room.
  • Eagle River Campus (EC) - upstairs in the computer lab.
  • Health Science Building (HSB) - on the 1st floor.
  • Sally Monsourd Hall - next to the vending machines.
  • Student Union - upper level near the Spine.

Alternatively you may visit the WOLFcard Office located in the University Center, or call 786-HOWL (4695) and charge your credit card (between 9:00am - 5:00pm weekdays).

If you use your Consortium Library Copy Card to print, the balance on it will be debited for the cost of the number of sheets you print.


MobilePrint allows you to easily print documents from your laptop, tablet, and smartphone to most locations across the UAA Campus utilizing UAA's Managed Print Service. For more details please visit the Print From Your Device Using MobilePrint article for detailed instructions, printer installers, and FAQ's.

Technical Difficulties

If your print job experiences technical difficulties (paper jams, toner streaks, etc.) you will not be held accountable for the print costs. Those print jobs that are affected can be resubmitted at no cost to you. To have the print job reprinted without cost please take your ruined copies to the location's staff/Lab Consultants. Please note that all requests for reprints must be made within one (1) hour of printing the original document. Any requests made after that time are unable to fulfilled.

Reprints will not be done for printouts made by mistake, blank pages, or for materials such as web pages that, due to layout or design, are difficult to read, don't contain the information you want, or have large areas of blank space.

Managed Print FAQ

A list of frequently asked questions (FAQ's) is available for those looking for additional information.​​​​​

Is there any additional information I should know about?

For support, requests may be submitted anytime by Requesting Support for the Managed Print service. Support Requests are worked by Priority based on the Impact and Urgency of need as well as the order they are received by the IT Employees with the knowledge and permissions to assist with the request.

For immediate assistance please review the Contact Us page for ways to contact the appropriate support group.


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