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An introduction on where to get started with creating and managing ticket surveys through the Enterprise Service Management (ESM) system to receive customer feedback, gauge customer satisfaction. Provides guidance on survey best practices, where to start creating survey questions in the survey bank, creating a survey, adding survey questions to the survey, customizing the customer notification message and more.
Information about managing availability of Time Types and Expense Accounts on a ticket.
An overview of Protected Custom Attributes (PCAs) for ticketing, assets, configuration items, and project risks or issues.
The Enterprise Service Management (ESM) system offers a Microsoft Excel add-in which allows an authorized individual to import TDNext reports directly into Excel, thus allowing for enhanced analysis/reporting capabilities of the ESM reports. All functionality from Excel can now be applied to your ESM reports and information can be displayed any way prefered.
Information on how attachments, such as large images, documents, PDF, spreadsheets, can be added to Enterprise Service Management (ESM) Knowledge Articles to facilitate access to information related to the article.
Information on how individuals with ESM access can create custom reports with the count feature.
This article will help individuals to become familiar with Reports using TDNext. The person must have TDNext access in addition to access to the application in which the report resides.
Explains the differences between the different Enterprise Service Management (ESM) environments (i.e. Production vs. Sandbox vs. Release Preview).
Introductory information for departmental Application Administrators authorized and responsible for the maintenance, management, and overall operation of their department's Enterprise Service Management (ESM) ticketing application.
Information on how an authorized person can change their default Desktop within the Enterprise Service Management system.
Guide for ESM App Admins to help create custom ticket statuses to support their departmental business practices.