Edit a Ticket Time Entry


Time entries can only be edited by the person listed on them, usually the creator. If you are not that person, create a Task on the Ticket to them for what needs corrected. If the person no longer works for department then the Task should be assigned to the ESM Ticketing Application's App Admin group.

Changing the number of hours to 0 on an entry will remove it.

What materials do I need?

  • Internet access
  • TDNext licnese
  • Access to applicable ESM application

How do I use this technology?

Information/fields that can be changed

  • Ticket attached to
  • Time Type
  • Date (When the work was done)
  • Hours
  • Description
  1. At the top of TDNext, click Time & Expense.
    If the tab is not there, then click the Applications icon in the top left of the screen, then click Time & Expense.

    Enterprise Service Management Application Menu Time & Expenses button highlighted
  2. On the left of the Time & Expense application, click Time Entry.
  3. The Time Report will default to the current week. Use the Go to previous period, or Go to next period buttons to navigate to the date the time was entered for. This is the date listed on the Time entry.

    Enterprise Service Management Time & Expenses Time Entry time period navigation buttons highlighted
  4. Find the ticket the Time entry is on.

    Enterprise Service Management Time & Expenses Time Report List View
    Time recorded against a ticket's task will appear as a separate line item.
  5. On the Ticket's row, under the desired date, click the number to be edited.

    Enterprise Service Management Time & Expenses Ticket Time entry to be edited highlighted
  6. The Time Entries window will open for the Ticket, and display the individual's time entries for that day.

    Enterprise Service Management Time & Expenses Time Entries dialog window
  7. Click the Edit button for the time entry to be modified.

    Enterprise Service Management Time & Expenses Time Entries Edit button highlighted
  8. In the Edit Time Entry dialog window, adjust the appropriate information.

    Enterprise Service Management Time & Expenses Edit Time Entry window
  9. When finished, click Save.
  10. The Edit Time Entry window will close and the Time Report will be refreshed.

Need additional help or have issues

For support, requests may be submitted anytime using the appropriate Enterprise Service Management form. Requests generate a Ticket which will be worked in order received and urgency by IT Employees with the knowledge and permissions to assist with the request.

For immediate assistance please review the Contact Us page for the appropriate support group.

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