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Information on requesting Time and/or Expense types within the Enterprise Service Management system.
This article provides an introduction to individuals using the Enterprise Service Management (ESM) system to understand the different types of people records within ESM.
This introductory article will help individuals with access to an Enterprise Service Managment (ESM) ticketing application (TDNext) to search for tickets.
Provides an overview of the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) definitions of classification types, provides sample use cases, and provides additional notes regarding how these classifications are used within Enterprise Service Management (ESM).
Information on how to manually create a display/monitor asset record within the Enterprise Service Management (ESM) system.
An introduction on where to get started with creating and managing ticket surveys through the Enterprise Service Management (ESM) system to receive customer feedback, gauge customer satisfaction. Provides guidance on survey best practices, where to start creating survey questions in the survey bank, creating a survey, adding survey questions to the survey, customizing the customer notification message and more.
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This article will help you navigate the Service Portal to submit a ticket or service request.
Information about tracking time, and expenses on Enterprise Service Management (ESM) tickets, tasks, or projects.
This article will help individuals to become familiar with Reports using TDNext. The person must have TDNext access in addition to access to the application in which the report resides.
Information on how to reassign the person, or group responsible for working on a ticket task from one to another.
A guide for how to edit an existing ticket expense that was erroneously entered can be corrected as necessary.
A guide for how individuals can record expenses related to a ticket.