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The Enterprise Service Management (ESM) system contains people records which represent individuals that play a role on tickets, incidents, tasks, projects, issues, etc. A People record might be an individual assigned to a ticket, a resource assigned to a task, or a stakeholder on a project.

People Classification

Within the ESM system, there are three classifications of People records:

  • Users - Someone who can login to the ESM system either through TDNext, or via Service Portal (TDClient). Technicians, Project Managers, and the like would be Users.
  • Customer - Someone with just a contact record in the ESM system that can be listed, for example, as the Requestor on a ticket or Sponsor on a Project. A customer record is very much like an Outlook Contact. It typically contains just the contact's basic profile/demographic information. This type of account is only able to login to the Service Portal (TDClient).
  • Contact - Similar to a Customer record, they can be added to Projects, or tickets. A contact can either be an existing person in the People application, or created as a new entry.

Adding People Records

By design all active students, staff, faculty, and sponsored accounts with the University of Alaska (UA) system are automatically synchronized between Active Directory (AD) and the Enterprise Service Management (ESM) system. This allows tickets to be created for all individuals actively affiliated with UA, as well as adding them as contacts on tickets created for other individuals. However, there are some use cases where it is advantageous to be able to associate individuals not affiliated with UA, or groups with either tickets, or scheduled reports. In these scenarios it is necessary to create a person record within the ESM system.

Some examples where manually creating a person would be necessary are, but not limited to, the following:

  • University department/group address: A UA department with a Microsoft Team, Google Group, distribution/mailing list, or delegated department email address that is used as a common point of contact, and would like to be included in communication associated with tickets.
  • External vendors: Contacts with vendors/companies that a University Department is doing business with, and would like to include in communications associated with tickets. This could be specific person (e.g. Author Dent) with the vendor, or a generic organizational contact (e.g. Acme, Inc. Technical Support).
  • University partner: Contacts with university partners (e.g. Anchorage School District) that is impacted by the request so they are able to receive notification
  • Scheduled reports: Any reports within the ESM system that are scheduled to be transmitted via email can only be sent to people defined within the ESM system.

Review the Add Non-UA Person to Enterprise Service Management System KB article for guidance on manually creating an ESM People record.

Need additional help or have issues

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