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Updating HR Address

To change your HR address please login to your UAOnline account. Click on Personal Information --> Manage your address, email, and phone information. Under the "Mailing Address" click on the "Change

Change Directory Information (

​​​​​Login to UAOnline (linked below) Navigate to the Personal Information page Select "Manage your UA Department Contact Information - UA Employees Only" Update your information as necessary

HR Coordinator Update Form

regards to updated processes are being sent to the appropriate HR Coordinator. Also, if someone in HR needs to contact your department we have the most up to date contact information.  HR Coordinator

W-2 and Tax information

You can find your W-2 and tax information in UAOnline under the Employee tab. Your W-2 for last year and the last W-4 information submitted are found under Tax Forms. You can print the IRS compliant

Remote I-9 Processing - Updated

Website Resources We now have an I-9 website with an overview of the whole process, links to LawLogix, HRC Resources, FAQs and much more! Feel free to review our I-9 website for more information on any

Change Form (Name, Marital Status, SSN only)

telephone number, please log into UAOnline using the link below and go to the Personal Information section.  UAOnline Need additional help or have questions? Please contact ua-hr

Regenerate UA Username after Legal Name Change

'Personal Information' Click on 'UA ID Number and Username' If you are eligible to regenerate your UA Username there will be additional text giving the details regarding the update and a submit

UAOnline Services

View your pay information and leave balances Print paystubs Update your address Access your tax forms (W-2, 1095C, W-4, etc.) Review your benefit selections (HSA, retirement, health

How to access an EPAF that has been returned for correction.

the employee for the EPAF that you need to update. Then, click on Update once that EPAF Preview opens. Update any fields that need to be corrected, then scroll down and click Save then click on

NEW HRC Job Form Instructions

The instructions for filling out a job form have been updated with new and easier information. Embedded in the document are links to references that you may find helpful when filling out or reviewing

What New Hire Documents are Required for Student Employees?

When hiring student employees (GN/GT/SN/ST) you'll need the following paperwork. Required Forms: Job form Copy of the approved MyUA offer card Signed Appointment Letter I-9 Personal

Disclosure of Employment of Immediate Family Member - Nepotism

employee's IFM) has a personal or financial interest (AS 39.52.120). Contact your MAU ethics representative for more information about Ethics Act Responsibilities. Disclosure of Employment Form - Nepotism

FLSA Overtime Fact Sheet

same. Why is the regulation being changed? The final rule updates the earnings thresholds necessary to exempt executive, administrative and professional employees from the Fair Labor Standards

How to Resubmit a NextGen Form

NextGen forms may be returned to you because of some missing piece of information or if our teams spot an error. If you aren't sure how to handle those requests, here are some basic instructions to

Guidelines for Weather Closures

work. . . . D. Administrative leave for severe, adverse weather conditions may be used at the discretion of the individual, leave-eligible employee but only after an authorization of "personal