Approve or Reject a Knowledge Article


Any IT employee, or individual granted an IT Knowledge role, can create a knowledge article and submit it for review, and approval. Once an article is submitted is reviewed for technical accuracy, format consistency, and other factors before being approved.

Individuals with IT Knowledge Contributor, or IT Knowledge Publisher roles will use the Checklist for Knowledge Approval to evaluate an article.


In this article:


Select Article to Review

  1. In the Knowledge Base click Articles Pending Review.

    TDX Knowledge base navigation bar articles pending review button highlighted
  2. A list of articles pending review will be displayed.
  3. Click the name of the article to be reviewed. Alternatively, use the search feature to find the desired article.


Review Article

  1. Read the article and use the Checklist for Knowledge Approval. Paying attention to the following:
    • Article formatting:
      • Does the layout conform to the published standards (e.g. headers, etc.)?
      • Is the text/paragraph formatting being used, and used correctly?
    • Article Content:
      • Does the article define what its purpose is?
      • Does the article actually address its defined purpose?
      • Is the article technically accurate?
      • Is the article in line with established service offering?
    • Article Tags:
      • Are tags applied to the article?
      • Is it using standardized spelling of existing tags (e.g. Email vs. E-mail)?
  2. Click Edit Article.
  3. Click Settings.
    • Read the Summary field and ensure that the text is a customer focused descriptive summary of the article.
    • Examine the Tags field and ensure that:
      • Values are entered
      • They are relevant to the article's subject
  4. Click Permissions.
    • Verify permissions are appropriately set for the target audience (i.e. Public vs. Internal).
  5. At this stage the article is either ready for approval, or rejection.
    • If the article is ready to be approved.
      1. Change the Owner from the original author, to the appropriate Group that represents the service owner.
      2. Click Save.
    • If the article is not ready for to be approved.
      1. Click Cancel.

Proceed to the Approve or reject new article, or Approve or reject an update to an existing article.


Approve or reject a new article

  1. Click Approved (or Reject).

    TDX Knowledge editor share, edit article, add to favorites, approve, reject buttons
  2. An Approve (or RejectArticle window will open

    TDX Knowledge article approve article and reject article dialog boxes

  3. Click Notify [Owner] checkbox.
  4. Enter any appropriate responses in the Comments textbox.
    • All articles that are rejected must have the reason(s) for the rejection entered into the comments.
  5. Click Save.
  6. If any Shortcuts should be created in other Categories notify the author of the KB article to create the applicable Shortcuts.


Approve or reject an update to an existing article

  1. Click Pending Review.

    TDX Knowledge editor pending review button highlighted
  2. The article will open the draft for review.

    TDX Knowledge editor draft review mode
  3. Click Publish This Revision (or Reject This Revision) button.
    • If the Publish This Revision is clicked the draft document will be published without any further dialog boxes.
    • If the Reject This Revision is clicked, the Reject Article Draft dialog window will appear.

      TDX Knowledge editor reject article draft dialog window
      • Click Notify [Owner] check box.
      • Enter any appropriate responses in the Comments textbox.
        • All articles that are rejected must have the reason(s) for the rejection entered into the comments.
      • Click Save.



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