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By design all active students, staff, faculty, and sponsored accounts with the University of Alaska (UA) system are automatically synchronized between Active Directory (AD) and the Enterprise Service Management (ESM) system. This allows tickets to be created for all individuals actively affiliated with UA, as well as adding them as contacts on tickets created for other individuals. However, there are some use cases where it is advantageous to be able to associate individuals not affiliated with UA, or groups with either tickets, or scheduled reports. In these scenarios it is necessary to create a person record within the ESM system.

Some examples where manually creating a person would be necessary are, but not limited to, the following:

  • University department/group address: A UA department with a Microsoft Team, Google Group, distribution/mailing list, or delegated department email address that is used as a common point of contact, and would like to be included in communication associated with tickets.
  • External vendors: Contacts with vendors/companies that a University Department is doing business with, and would like to include in communications associated with tickets. This could be specific person (e.g. Author Dent) with the vendor, or a generic organizational contact (e.g. Acme, Inc. Technical Support).
  • University partner: Contacts with university partners (e.g. Anchorage School District) that is impacted by the request so they are able to receive notification
  • Scheduled reports: Any reports within the ESM system that are scheduled to be transmitted via email can only be sent to people defined within the ESM system.
New person records should only be manually created within the ESM system for accounts that do not exist within UA's Active Directory environment! Active accounts that exist within UA's AD system are automatically added to ESM during the regularly scheduled synchronization process and do not need to be manually created. If you are unable to find someone please search by their UA username or UA ID number. If you still cannot find them please submit an Enterprise Service Management support ticket providing the individual's name and UA ID.

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How do I use this technology?

Verify if Person Record Already Exists

Before creating any new person record verify if an entry already exists.

  1. Login to ESM system.
  2. Click the People tab.

    Enterprise Service Management People application tab highlighted
    • If the People tab is not displayed on your navigation menu, it's because you either have not accessed it yet, or have removed it from the navigation menu. In either case you can access via the following:
      1. Click the Application Menu.

        Enterprise Service Management Application Menu button highlighted
      2. From the menu that appears, click People.

        Enterprise Service Management Application Menu People application button highlighted
  3. Click into the Search Text field.

    Enterprise Service Management People search text example
    1. Enter the desired search term. Typically either a person's name, or email address.
    2. Verify that the Both option is selected. This will ensure that you search both active, and inactive people records.
    3. Click Search.
  4. Review the search results, and if a record does not exist for the desired person proceed to the Create New Person Record process below.


Create New Person Record

  1. On the People tab, click New Person button.

    Enterprise Service Management New Person button highlighted
  2. New Person dialog window will open for you to create the new person.

    Enterprise Service Management New Person form example

    Enter the appropriate information into the following fields.
    • General Information
      • First Name - required, the name that they go by
      • Last Name - required
      • Middle Name - optional
      • Organization - optional
      • Title - optional
      • Acct/Dept - leave blank
      • Organizational ID - leave blank
      • Request Priority - leave blank
      • Alternate ID - leave blank
      • Active - leave checked
      • Employee - leave unchecked
      • Location - leave blank
      • Location Room - leave blank
    • Contact Information
      • Primary Email - required, enter the person's primary email address
      • Alert/Notification Email - enter the same as the Primary Email
      • Alternate Email - optional
      • Preferred Phone - leave as Work
      • Work Phone - optional, enter with country and area code (e.g. +1 (907) 123-4567)
      • Mobile Phone - optional, enter with country and area code (e.g. +1 (907) 123-4568)
      • Home Phone - leave blank
      • Pager - leave blank
      • Fax - optional, enter number with country and area code (e.g. +1 (907) 123-4567)
      • Other Phone - leave blank
      • IM Provider - leave blank
      • IM Handle - leave blank
    • Work Address
      • Address
      • City
      • State
      • Postal Code
      • Country 
    • Home Address
      • In almost all cases we do not enter any information for a person's home address.
    • Time Zone
      • Select the appropriate timezone for the person, it will default to Alaska.
    • Attributes
      • Contact Type - select the appropriate type of contact being created, this is a required field for any manually created person within the ESM system.
      • Employee Class - leave blank. Only accounts synced from UA AD should have this populated.
      • Employment TKL - leave blank. Only accounts synced from UA AD should have this populated.
      • Opt Outs - optional, select any that apply.
      • UA Campus - Select appropriate, or leave blank.
      • UA Preferred Affiliation - optional, select which preferred affiliation, if any, the person has with the University of Alaska.
      • UA Primary Affiliation - optional, select which primary affiliation, if any, the person has with the University of Alaska.
  3. Click Save.

    Endpoint Management System New Person dialog save button highlighted
  4. The Person Created Successfully dialog window will appear.

    Enterprise Service Management Person Created Successfully dialog window
  5. Click View the person you just created button to review the record just created.

    Enterprise Service Management Person record review
  6. If the newly created record is correct, close the window. Otherwise, click Edit to make any appropriate changes.

Need additional help or have issues

For support, requests may be submitted anytime using the appropriate Enterprise Service Management form. Requests generate a Ticket which will be worked in order received and urgency by IT Employees with the knowledge and permissions to assist with the request.

For immediate assistance please review the Contact Us page for ways to contact the appropriate support group.

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