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What is Copyright Infringement at UAA?

Learn about copyright infringement and file sharing policies at UAA, and also best practices to protect yourself. ... and slowing computer connections for students trying to use the network for legitimate academic purposes. UAA Policies Governing P2P The University of Alaska Anchorage abides strictly by Federal

What Types of Web Presence does UAA Have?

This article covers the various types of web presence at UAA. ... information from UAA to the public. All business units should have a presence in the institutional Web site. UAA uses OmniUpdate's OU Campus content management system (CMS) to implement its institutional

Disable CircleIn Tool in a Course in Learning Management System (Blackboard)

Scroll down to UAA CircleIn - Course and uncheck the Available box Click the Submit button Complete the Qualtrics opt-out form   Need additional help or have issues For additional

What Type of Software Support does UAA Provide?

Learn about the four levels of software provided by IT Services to UAA computing users. ... Overview Software Support Statement IT Services Service Center provides four levels of software support to UAA computing users: Supported Limited UA Keyed No Support Each

When are UAA IT Services' Change Freeze Windows?

during important business cycles (e.g. student class registration, final exams, etc.), but also permits IT Services to schedule resources to get important system work done during non-freeze periods. Read on to learn more about UAA's change freeze windows. ... represented, please contact UAA IT Services. Ultimately, the goal of all parties is to reduce risk to users by performing system maintenance during times which have the lowest risk to a business segment in

Video Conference UAA Themed Customized Backgrounds

Bring campus to your video conference with customized backgrounds. ... video-conferencing-background-uaa-spine.jpg ... Overview The University of Alaska Anchorage has made available several UAA themed backgrounds for use in your Zoom, or Teams video conferences.   Download UAA Video

Install GlobalProtect VPN on Mac

login credentials   How do I use this technology? How to Download  In web browser go to    Login using your UA credentials

About Microsoft 365 @ UA

- including Office Web Apps, Office desktop applications, SharePoint, and Teams to help individuals be productive from virtually anywhere through the Internet. ... and password. Only will work for accessing Microsoft 365. Attempting to use a vanity, or preferred email address formats such as, or legacy UAA, UAF, or

Login to the Learning Management System (Blackboard) For UAA non-standard account

Overview Information for users with non-standard UA accounts on how to log in to the University's Learning Management System (LMS).   Note Non-standard UA accounts are created to access

Troubleshoot GlobalProtect VPN Issues

connect ... Overview In this article, you will learn how to troubleshoot and solve common GlobalProtect VPN issues.   In this article: Procedure "Connecting" status stuck Windows 10

Resolve Issue Where Emails Sent to Listserv Disappear

Information for list administrators on resolving an issue where emails sent to a mailing list appear to disappear. ... systems that send email such as UAA's Listserv. For most list's created relatively recently no changes to list settings are usually required; however, for lists that have been around for several years list

Get Started with Knowledge Management

Checklist to Publish Knowledge Article Publish an Article to UAA Knowledge Base Restrict Access to Sensitive Content   Maintain Find Existing Articles Search the Knowledge Base

How do I Perform a Conference Call Using a Cisco VoIP Phone?

first party on hold. Place a call to another number. When the call connects, press the “Confrn”soft key again to add the new party to the existing call with the first party. Conferencing in

Enterprise File Storage/Shared Drive

Assistance, and requests related to file storage, data archiving, and other related services and collaboration solutions. ... options using Google Drive, Google Shared Drive, OneDrive for Business, Microsoft Teams/SharePoint, and On-Prem File Shares are offered at no cost to UAA students, staff, and faculty as applicable. Custom

Add macOS Computer to Apple School Manager

This article explains the process to add a Mac Computer to the University of Alaska's Apple School Manager. ... process. If the Mac is connecting to the Internet using Ethernet, plug in all necessary cables and adapters. Do one of the following: If your Mac has macOS 13 or later: Choose Apple