Services providing protection to physical, and/or digital resources.

Services (7)

Data Security Advising & Consulting

Providing University security risk and vulnerability assessments, mitigation recommendations, and audit assistance.

Electronic Door Locks

University of Alaska Anchorage electronic door lock system allows individuals to access buildings, as well as interior room(s) they are authorized to access.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

A security system that requires users to prove their identity using more than one factor of authentication to access accounts. It's designed to improve account security and prevent fraudulent account access, improving the basic level of security achieved with just one factor of authentication, usually a password.

Network Security

Requests for changes and allowances in the UAA network firewall.

Security Certificate

Assistance, and requests associated with TLS certificates used for services such as HTTPS, and other protocols that allows secure connections between devices.

Suspicious Email

Assistance, and requests associated with protection and solutions for dealing with malicious email communications.

Video Surveillance

Assistance, and requests for the university video surveillance security system.