Popular Services

Request review/approval for new software that isn't currently offered/available within the University of Alaska system.

Assistance with purchase requisitions, purchase orders, procured purchases/payments, and processing invoices for payment.

Assistance, and requests associated with using university supported services such as Google Forms, Microsoft Forms, or Qualtrics for creating online surveys, registration forms, and other forms.

Request assistance building your travel request, booking the trip, and with your expense report when you return.

Assistance and requests related to an employee's assignment such as: changes to primary assignment, requesting an additional assignment, requesting semester hire and rehire of adjuncts, student workers and temporary staff, and processing resignations.

The Payroll Department is a part of UA HR where we support all employees and provide solutions related to payroll activities. The Payroll Team provides support on both web timesheets and manual entry timesheets. This requires working knowledge of earnings codes, deduction codes and other items that make up your paycheck, such as child support orders, IRS and other levies, and court-ordered garnishments. Our Team Purpose is to work as a team, sending the right information and money to the right people at the right time.

The Adobe Creative Cloud suite of software, and web-based applications is available through a centrally managed University of Alaska system license agreement. Departments can purchase licenses from this agreement for use by Staff, Faculty, and Students, whether for administrative duties, or academic work.

Employee Reimbursement (including local mileage reimbursements)/Direct Pay.

Assistance, and requests associated with your UA Account/Identity to change your UA password, request access, and more.

This service is for requesting assistance with setting up hardware or software, or performing repairs or maintenance on a university owned computer.

Assistance, and requests associated with using University of Alaska email services for individual, and departmental purposes.

A security system that requires users to prove their identity using more than one factor of authentication to access accounts. It's designed to improve account security and prevent fraudulent account access, improving the basic level of security achieved with just one factor of authentication, usually a password.

The Learning Management System is to deliver course content and interact with instructors and fellow students of a classes. It is primarily used for distance education classes that are taught entirely online but can also used for face-to-face or mixed classes.

University of Alaska of Alaska (UAA) has a limited number of computing devices for loan for the purpose of providing or completing University Courses. These device are loaned based on the need for the device in the order of the requests received.

The Scheduling & Space Management System (SSMS) for the University of Alaska Anchorage. Used for the managing events; scheduling locations and resources; publishing to web calendars, other tasks or approval for events; and analytics reports for any of those activities. It is currently used for scheduling by most Anchorage Campus departments, Kodiak, Mat-Su & Prince William Sound campuses.

The Benefits Team oversees the administration of university employee benefits and retirement programs. This includes education about benefit options and enrollment, assisting employees with retirement preparation, and providing resources to support the well-being of UA employees.

Assistance with employee recruitment, posting of job pools, and the direct hire of employees. If requesting the hire or rehire of an adjunct, student worker, or temporary staff, please use the Employment Changes service.

DocuSign is University of Alaska’s electronic signature solution, a cloud-based application, allowing users to send and sign securely as well as input other data into a document with automated document workflow.

Assistance with the transfer of expense or revenue (i.e. Journal Voucher) between accounts.

Request assistance with timesheets or missing pay.

University of Alaska Anchorage (UAA) offers a content management system (CMS) for web solutions, design, maintenance and support for UAA's research, academic, and administrative groups.

Assistance, and requests associated with the university's Enterprise Service Management system departmental ticketing application, and the Asset/Configuration Item application.

Assistance, and requests associated with the university's Cisco Voice over IP (VoIP) system, Call Manager, long distance dialing, and more.

Assistance and requests related to creating, changing, reclassifying or requesting copies of Position Descriptions (PD).

This service is for requesting assistance with setting up hardware or software, or performing repairs or maintenance on a personal computer.