Services for technologies used for academic teaching and learning.

Services (5)

Assistive Technology

Assistive technology helps individuals with disabilities perform tasks which might otherwise pose challenges or not be possible. This could include accessible text-to-speech support for reading materials, speech-to-text for writing support, digital recorders, audio listening devices, and more.

Audio and Video Equipment (AV)

Audio and video equipment available in university rooms such as, data projectors; DVD/Blu-ray players; document projectors; Cameras; microphones and more.

Computer Labs

University computer labs provide customers with an extensive software library installed on both Windows and Mac workstations, printing options, and technical support.

eWolf ePortfolio

Assistance, and requests associated with the university's electronic portfolio (ePortfolio) service.

Learning Management System (LMS)

The Learning Management System is to deliver course content and interact with instructors and fellow students of a classes. It is primarily used for distance education classes that are taught entirely online but can also used for face-to-face or mixed classes.