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A Desktop is an information display tool within TDNext that provides visual insights of key performance indicators (KPI), metrics and key data points to monitor the health of the organization’s work as it relates to the user. The Enterprise Service Management (ESM) Desktops are customizable and can include numerous modules and reports in a variety of layouts.

There are two types of Desktop in the ESM system, the main Desktop, and the application-level Desktop. The main Desktop is what appears when you initially log into TDNext, and you can add content modules from any of the applications you have access to. The application-level Desktop is accessible from within an application, and the only modules available are relevant to that application.

In most Desktop modules, the content does not refresh automatically; you must click the Refresh icon in the top right of each module. Modules related to feeds, like My Feed or Projects Feed are an exception and refresh automatically.


  • Out-of-the-box Desktop modules, modules for custom reports, and other types of Desktop modules that display information from different parts of the system can be pulled into Desktops.
  • Desktop Templates are preconfigured desktops that can be built by administrators, and then applied to users who can use them as a starting point to create their own Desktops.
  • Desktops can be made public so that people anyone with the link can access them. This can only be accomplished at the user level. Desktops cannot be made public from within the TDAdmin interface.


Where to Find This

This feature appears mainly in the TDAdmin and TDNext interfaces. Public Desktops are displayed within the Service Portal.

TDAdmin is where Enterprise Administrators build out Desktop Templates and can assign them to individuals as Desktops. TDNext is where individuals can interact with those desktops, modify them, or create new desktops for themselves.

Navigate to TDNext and login to TDNext with the direct URL, or click the your name above, and then click TDNext.


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Gotchas & Pitfalls

  • Desktop modules do not refresh automatically; you must click the Refresh icon in the top right of each module. The one notable exception to this rule are the widgets related to feeds, like My Feed or Projects Feed. These do automatically refresh, but they are the only items which do.
  • Public desktops may only be created by individuals that have access to Analysis.


Need additional help or have issues

For support, requests may be submitted anytime using the appropriate Enterprise Service Management form. Requests generate a Ticket which will be worked in order received and urgency by IT Employees with the knowledge and permissions to assist with the request.

For immediate assistance please review the Contact Us page for the appropriate support group.

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