Change Enterprise Service Management Default Desktop


Within the Enterprise Service Management (ESM) system individuals can easily change which desktop is displayed by default when they login to the system. This article will provide instructions in changing the default desktop; however, it assumes that two, or more desktops, have already been associate with the person's identity. If only one desktop has been assigned to, or created by, the individual they will be unable to change the default desktop until another one is associated with their account.

What materials do I need?

  • Web Browser
  • TDNext license

How do I use this technology?

  1. Login to ESM.
  2. Verify that you are on the Desktop tab.

    TDNext Desktop tab highlighted
  3. On the right side of the screen click the Manage Desktops sprocket.

    TDNext Manage Desktops button highlighted
  4. A list of desktops currently associated with your account will be displayed, with the current primary desktop having the word "Default" listed under the Default column.

    TDNext Managed Desktops view
  5. Locate the desired Desktop that you want to make your primary.
  6. In the Default column click Set in the row associated with the desired Desktop.

    TDNext Manage Desktops desired new default desktop with set button highlighted
  7. Verify that the Desktop now has "Default" listed.

    TDNext Manage Desktops with new default Desktop selected
  8. Click the Back to Desktop button to return to Desktop view.

    TDNext Manage Desktops back to desktop button highlighted


Is there any additional information I should know about?

Need additional help or have issues

For support, requests may be submitted anytime using the appropriate Enterprise Service Management form. Requests generate a Ticket which will be worked in order received and urgency by IT Employees with the knowledge and permissions to assist with the request.

For immediate assistance please review the Contact Us page for the appropriate support group.

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