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Whenever possible content should be included within the body of a knowledge article to enhance search results and customer experience. However, attachments, such as large images, documents, PDF, spreadsheets, can be added to Enterprise Service Management (ESM) Knowledge Articles to facilitate access to information related to the article which may not otherwise be easily included in the article, as well as reducing rework of creating already furnished information.

In this article:

How do I use this technology?

You must first Create a Knowledge Article prior to adding attachment(s).
Ensure that each attachment has a descriptive file name (e.g. ProjectNovaRiskManagement.pdf) - this should be brief explanation of the resource. The Recommendations for File Organization article provides some helpful suggestions for file naming conventions.
While files stored on Google Drive or OneDrive for Business could be linked to a Knowledge Article, due to concerns relating to long-term data access all files attached to a KB article must be uploaded/attached directly to the article.


Attach via Add Attachments

  1. Click Add Attachments.

    Enterprise Service Management Knowledge Article Add Attachments button highlighted
  2. Click from your computer.

    Enterprise Service Management Knowledge Article Add Attachments dialog with from your computer link highlighted
  3. Under Select Attachments click Browse...

    Enterprise Service Management Knowledge Article Select Attachments browse button highlighted

  4. In the file explorer window, locate the desired file(s) on your computer.

    Enterprise Service Management Knowledge Article Add Attachment file explorer example
  5. Click Open.
    Depending upon your browser, the button may be labeled as Open, or Upload.
  6. Click Upload.

    Enterprise Service Management Knowledge Article Add Attachment Upload button highlighted
  7. An Uploading... progress bar will appear.

    Enterprise Service Management Knowledge Article add attachment uploading progress bar
  8. Once the file(s) successfully uploaded message is displayed, close the Add Attachments window.

    Enterprise Service Management Knowledge Article Add Attachment upload successful notification

Attach via Drag and Drop

  1. On your computer, locate the desired file(s).
  2. Click and drag the file(s) from your computer to the blue Attachments box on the knowledge article page.
  3. A Uploading... progress bar will appear.

Verify Attached Files

Once file(s) have been attached to an article they will appear under the Attachments section of the article, similar to the image below.

Enterprise Service Management Knowledge Article file attachments highlighted

Referencing Attachments

Depending upon the nature of the attached file(s) it may be appropriate to call attention to their existence to the article reader. This could be as simple as referencing the file(s) within the Attached Documentation section of knowledge article template, or in the case of images creating a smaller/lower resolution image in the article body which links to a larger/higher resolution image attached to the article.

Need additional help or have issues

For support, requests may be submitted anytime using the appropriate Enterprise Service Management form. Requests generate a Ticket which will be worked in order received and urgency by IT Employees with the knowledge and permissions to assist with the request.

For immediate assistance please review the Contact Us page for the appropriate support group.

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