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Video Conference UAA Themed Customized Backgrounds

Bring campus to your video conference with customized backgrounds. ... video-conferencing-background-uaa-spine.jpg ... Overview The University of Alaska Anchorage has made available several UAA themed backgrounds for use in your Zoom, or Teams video conferences.   Download UAA Video

Map a UAA Shared Drive on Windows

connect ... drive(s) Shared drive address Connection to the on-campus UAA network If off-campus, install UAA GlobalProtect VPN   How do I use this technology? Confirm the device is

What are the Different Support Channels UAA IT Services Offers?

Holidays. Contact Information Email: Anchorage: (907) 786-4646 Toll Free: (877) 633-3888 (Outside Anchorage) Phone Menu Options Login assistance, or

Publish an Article to UAA Knowledge Base

Overview As a Knowledge Publisher, you can publish any article, regardless of ownership, to the UAA IT Knowledge Base.   Note Knowledge Publishers should always communicate with the

Login to UAA Chromebooks for Contact Tracers

Overview How to log in to Chromebooks without saving Single Sign On ( SSO) Credentials Note This information is for Contact Tracer Chromebooks. Users will have an account that ends in

UAA Website Content Management System (CMS)

University of Alaska Anchorage (UAA) offers a content management system (CMS) for web solutions, design, maintenance and support for UAA's research, academic, and administrative groups. ... The content management system (CMS), empowers UAA academic and administrative units seeking to build official web presence that reflects university branding guidelines. It allows organizations to

When are UAA IT Services' Change Freeze Windows?

during important business cycles (e.g. student class registration, final exams, etc.), but also permits IT Services to schedule resources to get important system work done during non-freeze periods. Read on to learn more about UAA's change freeze windows. ... represented, please contact UAA IT Services. Ultimately, the goal of all parties is to reduce risk to users by performing system maintenance during times which have the lowest risk to a business segment in

UAA ID Card for Non-University person

UAA ID Card for a person that is not a University employee, student or alum. This is to provided electronic door access to other individuals that are authorized to be in University buildings for various reasons. ... UAA ID Card for a person that is not a University employee, student or alum. This is to provided electronic door access to other individuals that are authorized to be in University buildings for various reasons.

What Type of Software Support does UAA Provide?

Learn about the four levels of software provided by IT Services to UAA computing users. ... application made available by University of Alaska Anchorage(UAA) is assigned one of these support levels, regardless of whether the application is made available on the software web server, in the public

Connect to MyResNet

Helpful information on connecting to the Residential wireless network MyResNet for students and guests living in campus housing. ... Apogee How To Connect Document.pdf ... wifi ... , sign back in and click on show wifi password under the Add Devices tab. You can change your wifi password here to something unique. You will use this wifi password to connect your devices

Windows License Expiring on UAA-issued Windows computers

In this article, users will learn how to resolve the "Your Windows License Will Expire Soon" error message on UAA-issued Windows computers. ... Connection to the UAA network On-campus using a wired or Wi-Fi connection Off-campus using UAA GlobalProtect VPN UA username and password How do I use this technology? Log

What Types of Web Presence does UAA Have?

This article covers the various types of web presence at UAA. ... information from UAA to the public. All business units should have a presence in the institutional Web site. UAA uses OmniUpdate's OU Campus content management system (CMS) to implement its institutional

Does UAA Provide Survey Software Tools and Support?

Discover the Qualtrics Online Survey software tool available to students, faculty, and staff. ... Overview ​UAA provides unlimited surveys and responses to UAA students, staff, and faculty. UAA uses Qualtrics online survey software to provide its survey tool. How do I use this technology

Sign Into UAA Windows Device Off Campus After a Password Change

Article that explains how to sign into a UAA Windows device that is off campus following a password change. ... Overview Passwords do not update automatically on computers that are not always connected to the UAA network. This article will cover how to sign into a UAA Device after changing your password

Login to the Learning Management System (Blackboard) For UAA non-standard account

Overview Information for users with non-standard UA accounts on how to log in to the University's Learning Management System (LMS).   Note Non-standard UA accounts are created to access