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Get Started with Response Templates

This getting started article will help Application Administrators to learn about, create, and modify Response Templates and Categories. Individual's must have the Admin access to one, or more, ESM applications. ... needs to inform the customer of the chosen action via update comments. Application Administrators (App Admins) can create response templates to allow for consistent update comments, like canned

Create a Response Template

This article will provide guidance to Enterprise Service Management (ESM) Application Administrators on how to create response templates. ... Overview When individuals are processing tickets, the same actions are often taken for similar ticket submissions. Importantly, the technician needs to inform the client of the chosen action via

Survey Question Bank

Each Enterprise Service Managment (ESM) ticketing application supports a Survey Question Bank which provides an easily accessible location to find all questions available for (re)use on any survey within that specific application. ...  provides an easily accessible location to find all questions available for (re)use on any survey within that specific application. Questions can be deleted from the bank, and unused questions can easily

Unsubscribe From a Mailing List

Overview If you no longer wish to receive email from a non-dynamic Mailing list there are two common ways that you can unsubscribe from a Mailman mailing list. In this article

Why are messages from the list owner moderated?

Information on why mailman might be blocking messages sent to a list from the list owner. ... What is this article about? Information on why mailman might be blocking messages sent to a list from the mail owner. How do I use this technology? The mailing list does not automatically

Windows Software Center

Overview The Software Center allows UA employees to access relevant software & updates on UA owned devices. In most cases, all Windows 10 machines and most other machines that were configured to

Create Survey Response Report

responses at the time the report is created it will be difficult to verify that the report is retrieving and display the desired information. What materials do I need? ESM TDNext access Access

Scan Documents Using Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Overview In this section you will learn how to use a flatbed scanner and OmniPage to digitize a document using optical character recognition (OCR) from a printed medium and save it in an editable

Enterprise Service Management Status

Information related to common Enterprise Service Management (ESM) ticket statuses. ... progression of work from beginning through completion. Status Class All application statuses are related to a specific set of system status classes. The following table describes the different

Best practices for storing data online

the internet and backed up regularly. Using either storage option is a more secure way to store your valuable files when compared to using flash drives or depending on the hard drive of a dedicated

Asset Status Definition

available to all types of assets stored within the ESM Assets/CIs system. Asset Status Definition Status Description Out of Service Retired from ​​​​​Inventory

Compare Microsoft Project Offerings

Tasks organized by My Day, My Tasks, and Assigned to me Basic plan templates Ability to view reports and dashboards

Get Started with Microsoft OneNote

Get organized with a secure digital notepad that lets you capture thoughts, ideas, and to-dos and sync them across your devices. ... Overview Microsoft OneNote allows you to take and organize notes, including images and web citations, record audio, share your notes with others and generally keep information organized

Enterprise Service Management (ESM) Ticket Classification

departments to agree on the distinction between the two classifications, it is important that within any specific ESM ticketing application that the classification is used consistently by all

About Protected Custom Attributes

Protected flag is referred to as a Protected Custom Attribute (PCA). Once data has been entered into a PCA field, an individual with TDNext access can only view a PCA if they have permission for that