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The Enterprise Service Management (ESM) system supports tracking actual worked time against projects, tickets, and tasks, as well as expenses for projects and tickets. Typically it is a general best practice to record/enter expenses as soon as they are incurred. This helps to ensure they do not miss getting billed.

Time should be entered on a ticket as soon as a person has completed any time on it. There is no restriction on how many time entries per person, date and type can be entered. It is perfectly ok to enter multiple time entries on a ticket for the same day. For example: I spend 15 minutes on a ticket and then I have to work on something else. I should log the 15 minutes at that time, and then when I go back and work it again I can know how much time I spent on it each time I work it.

Individual time and expense entries may be referred to as transactions since those marked as billable are used to create the Bill.

Time entries can only be edited, or deleted, by the person listed on them, usually the creator. Expense entries can only be edited, or deleted, by the person that created them.
If you are not that person, create a Task on the ticket to the individual with information on what needs corrected. If the person no longer works for department then the Task should be assigned to the ESM Ticketing Application's AppAdmin group.
The Time & Expense Types available to select on a Ticket default to the currently active Time and/or Expense Types associated with the ticket's Ticket Type at the time that the Ticket was created. If there are no default Time or Expense Types, or new ones have been added since the ticket was created, they will not appear under the ticket's T&E Add Time or Add Expense buttons. You'll need to add the applicable time/expense type to each desired ticket. See the KB article Manage Ticket Time Types and Expense Accounts for additional information.

Before departments can leverage tracking Time and/or Expenses with a ticket it requires that the appropriate Time/Expense account types to be created in advanced. App Admins should work with their department fiscal people to identify the type, description, and applicable accounting codes (Fund/Org) associated with each. See the KB article Request Ticket Time Types and Expense Accounts for additional information.

Is there any additional information I should know about?

Additional information relating to adding, editing, or removing Time and/or Expense entries can be found within the following KB articles:



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