Information regarding IT policies.

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Mailing List Policy

Mailing list owners must agree to the following polices when applying for, and using a mailing list. All mailing list usage is subject to university's Electronic Mail Policy.

UAA's Device Naming Conventions

This article provides information on UAA's conventions for naming electronic devices on campus (e.g. computers, printers, scanners).

University of Alaska Administrative Guidelines: Use of Email

Information regarding the University of Alaska system administrative guidelines for use of email by staff, and faculty of the university.

University of Alaska Data Classification Standards

Information regarding the University of Alaska system data classification standards.

What is Copyright Infringement at UAA?

Learn about copyright infringement and file sharing policies at UAA, and also best practices to protect yourself.

When are UAA IT Services' Change Freeze Windows?

A change freeze window is instituted to prohibit or limit system updates which may have an adverse affect on university business. These schedules aid in mitigating the risk of an outage or issues during important business cycles (e.g. student class registration, final exams, etc.), but also permits IT Services to schedule resources to get important system work done during non-freeze periods. Read on to learn more about UAA's change freeze windows.